Preava Prevent for Microsoft Exchange

A browser extension that empowers your employees to fix accidentally included recipients before emailing the wrong person.

Preava Prevent for Office 365

Enhanced Microsoft Exchange Protection

Misdirected email protection that Microsoft Exchange sorely lacks.

Easy-to-Deploy Add-On

ico-envelope (1)

An easy-to-deploy add-on built for organizations of all sizes.


Laser Focused on Misdirected Emails

ico-shield-1The only dedicated solution for Microsoft Exchange that helps prevent misdirected emails.

Prevent Human Error at the Source

Empower your employees to fix mistakenly included email recipients before the email is sent.
A Critical Layer in Your Email Security Stack

A Critical Layer in Your Email Security Stack

Operationalize Gartner's recommended multilayered approach to email security by implementing controls against accidentally misdirected outbound emails.

No Maintenance Required

Preava Prevent continuously improves over time and silently upgrades itself behind the scenes.


No Maintenance Required
Progress Report

Real-Time Personalization

Personalized for each employee without compromising their workflow.

How to Deploy Preava Prevent?


How to Deploy Preava Prevent?
Our Sole Focus Is Preventing Misdirected Emails

Our Sole Focus is Preventing Misdirected Emails

We are laser focused on preventing the sending of emails to unintended recipients. Nothing else.

See Preava Prevent for Yourself

Request a personalized demo to see how Preava Prevent can help protect your employees from accidentally emailing unintended recipients.

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing email technologies.
  • Easy to deploy across your user-base.
  • Funded and advised by top privacy lawyers.