Preava Prevent

Stopping Healthcare Providers' Employees from Accidentally Emailing the Wrong People

Warn your employees about risky email recipients before the email is sent through an easy-to-deploy intelligent web browser add-on.


Why Healthcare Providers Must Avoid Misdirected Emails

Hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics, and other healthcare providers have regulatory, contractual, and ethical obligations to safeguard protected health information (PHI). Inadvertently emailing such confidential information to the wrong recipient can result in serious regulatory enforcement action and damage to a healthcare provider's reputation.
No matter how attentive they are, employees regularly email unintended recipients by accident. Internal company policies, security awareness training, and legacy solutions like secure email gateways (SEGs) leave healthcare providers inadequately protected against accidental data loss. By layering Preava Prevent into your email security stack, you can rest assured a reliable security control is in place to prevent emails from being accidentally sent to unintended recipients.



Preava helps prevent your employees from accidentally emailing protected health information (PHI) and other confidential data to unintended recipients.



Protect Your Clients

Protect Your Clients' Data

Maintain client confidentiality by preventing data breaches caused by misdirected outbound emails.

Mitigate Compliance Risk

Minimize regulatory risk arising from misdirected outbound emails from your organization.


Uphold the Law
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How to Deploy Preava Prevent?


How to Deploy Preava Prevent?

Seamless Integration with Your Email Technologies

Preava Prevent does not interfere with any API-integrated email add-ons, Security Email Gateways (SEGs), or other 3rd-party email tools you may be using.


Seamless Integration with Your Email Technologies
A Critical Layer in Your Email Security Stack

A Critical Layer in Your Email Security Stack

Operationalize Gartner's recommended multilayered approach to email security by implementing controls against accidentally misdirected outbound emails.

No Maintenance Required

Preava Prevent continuously improves over time and silently upgrades itself behind the scenes.


No Maintenance Required
Our Sole Focus Is Preventing Misdirected Emails

Just-In-Time Security Training

Preava Prevent's risky recipient warnings serve as just-in-time security training for healthcare providers' employees when they are one click away from causing an unintentional data disclosure — reinforcing your policies and improving employee's security hygiene over time.

Advised by Top Privacy Lawyers

Preava is funded and advised by VeraSafe — one of the largest boutique privacy-compliance consultancies in the U.S.

See Preava Prevent for Yourself

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  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing email technologies.
  • Easy to deploy across your user-base.
  • Funded and advised by top privacy lawyers.