As teams grow ever more distributed and technology becomes more sophisticated, your need to protect sensitive intellectual property, trade secrets, and private data - particularly from breaches caused by human error - has never been more acute. Unfortunately, most companies do not have the resources, time, and knowledge to face these ever-growing cybersecurity threats.

Preava shifts the security versus usability paradigm. We offer you a simple, cost effective, automated solutions that will help keep your data where it belongs and out of the hands of the wrong parties. Our innovative human layer security technology analyzes and manages the way your employees use email, helping them mitigate errors and ultimately preventing email-based data breaches.

This is accomplished through a new class of data loss prevention (DLP) software that balances best-in-class privacy and security with an intuitive end-user experience. We rely heavily on predictive behavior models and burden-free user interface design to prevent email-based data exfiltration.

Preava’s team consists of seasoned cybersecurity experts, software engineers, data privacy attorneys, and business leaders who ensure your data stays where it should. Our many decades of combined experience position Preava to rapidly adapt to the accelerating changes in the cybersecurity landscape, including the influx of BYOD and remote work environments.

Rest assured that you’re in trusted hands when relying on the Preava team and the software we build.

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