We are Preava

We prevent your users from emailing unwanted recipients.


At Preava, our mission is to empower your most valuable asset, your employees, to make informed security decisions when handling sensitive data. Through our innovative outbound email security tool, we strive to prevent emails and attachments from being sent to the wrong people, ensuring your confidential information remains secure.

Our story

It all started with VeraSafe — one of the largest boutique privacy-compliance consultancies in the U.S. VeraSafe routinely helps its client react to security incidents resulting from their users emailing the wrong recipients.

Recognizing that company policies, security awareness training, and legacy email security solutions offered inadequate protection, VeraSafe sought more effective options.
Underwhelmed by the software products on the market, VeraSafe believed a simpler, more automated approach to help prevent misdirected emails must be possible.

To answer this need, VeraSafe launched
Preava, a technical safeguard that prevents users from leaking email data and emailing the wrong recipients.
Preava Founders

Who are we?

Preava’s team consists of cybersecurity experts, software engineers, data privacy attorneys, and business leaders. Our remote team is distributed in the USA and Europe.  
Preava is funded and advised by VeraSafe — one of the largest boutique privacy-compliance consultancies in the U.S. We leverage VeraSafe's extensive practical experience with data privacy and data security to help achieve our mission and protect your organization from misdirected outbound email threats.

100% dedicated to preventing misdirected emails

Preava is the only provider on the market 100% focused on stopping emails to undesirable recipients. Ultimately, we aspire to do one thing exceptionally well: to take the burden of preventing misdirected emails off of your shoulders.

Preava doesn't develop any other solutions in the email data protection (EDP) space or beyond. This laser focus on preventing emails to unintended recipients empowers us to provide you with the exact protection you need, and nothing you don't.

Meet Our Leadership

Mike Caha

Chief Executive Officer

Michele Tavella

Chief Technology Officer



Jim Cormier

Chief Privacy Officer

Matt Joseph


Meet Our Team

Jiri Rydel

Software Engineer

Meet Our Advisors

Tony Telford

Finance Advisor

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