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We make sure your emails are sent to the right people. Always.

Preava keeps you safe from your #1 unmitigated employee-borne data loss threat.


Easy. Secure. Efficient.

What is Your #1 Data Loss Threat?


Having protected systems is not enough.

Encryption, firewalls, and anti-virus solutions are essential, but they do not stop your employees' mistakes.


Email is everywhere. It is your biggest unaddressed data loss threat.

Sending emails at all hours of the day - even when distracted - leads to increasing employee-borne mistakes.


How do you prevent employees from emailing unintended recipients?

Through predictive behavior modeling and customizable rules, Preava Prevent is the only solution for Gmail for Business that empowers employees to correct mistakes before the email is sent.

Your peace of mind is our job

Make sure emails are sent to the right people. Always

No more misdirected emails you’re not even aware of.

Data Loss Protection (DLP) made simple

Personalized for each employee based on historical email behavior.

Stay secure while working remotely

Prevent human activated security breaches as the number of premises you're securing expands.

Mitigate regulatory and compliance risks

Meet compliance standards and safeguard your company’s intellectual property.

Protect your reputation

Maintain confidentiality by preventing data leakage and adhere to professional and ethical obligations.

Headache free security

Designed for all levels of technical proficiency.