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Office 365
American Bar Association Blueprint
Google Workspace

Timely Warnings that Promote Efficient Workflows

Your users are notified just-in-time of potentially risky email recipients after hitting 'Send.' Email recipients can then be edited before the email is sent.

This unique approach for Google Workspace and Office 365 is unlike the competitors' who rely on email bounce-backs that force users to manually rewrite emails — seriously compromising user workflow efficiency with avoidable time-intensive context switching. 


A Critical DLP Layer in Your Cloud Email Stack

Operationalize Gartner's recommended multi-layered approach to email security to protect against data loss resulting from accidentally misdirected emails.

"Security professionals have known for years that, due to its importance as an attack vector, email security requires a layered approach."

(Gartner's 2020 Market Guide for Email Security)

Preava Prevent plays nice with API-integrated email add-ons, Security Email Gateways (SEGs), and other layers in your email tech stack. Its protection is unaffected by an expanding security perimeter, including shifts to a remote workforce.


Protect Your Reputation, Capital, and Confidentiality

Preava Prevent helps stop your employees' email mistakes that can result in financial loss and damage your organization's hard-earned reputation of excellence.

Maintain confidentiality obligations and protect trade secrets, intellectual property (IP), and other proprietary and sensitive information by preventing emails mistakenly sent to unintended recipients.


Advised by Top Privacy Lawyers

Preava is funded and advised by VeraSafe — one of the largest boutique privacy-compliance consultancies in the U.S.

For over a decade VeraSafe has been re-imagining privacy and data protection compliance services. VeraSafe's team of attorneys, privacy professionals, and IT security experts provide Preava with world class guidance.